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How community programmes help veterans to live law-abiding lives
Find out how Project Nova's grave restoration programme supports veterans
How to job search effectively
Top tips from our advisor Dave on kicking off your January job hunt
Who am I?
The importance of self-assessment in your job search
Who are you? A guide to building and using your personal brand
Your personal brand is the key to taking the next step in your career
Volunteer your way into employment
Volunteering is a great way to ease yourself into employment, especially if you have never had a civilian job before or been out of employment for an extended period of time.
Five ways to help you deal with stress
We understand that searching for employment can heighten feelings of stress, but it’s important to address it rather than let it grow into something uncontrollable.
The importance of self-care when job searching
When we are feeling stressed, it can be easy not to prioritise ourselves, but it is essential to practise self-care to give yourself the best chance of securing fulfilling employment.
Career change is your new career constant
Why you are more prepared to tackle it than you think
How to negotiate your next salary
Evaluating your worth isn’t easy, yet discussing your value and salary aspirations with a civilian employer is a crucial part of securing a new role.
Networking matters - here's why
Discover how to network effectively to impact your civilian job outcomes
New industries and new opportunities for veterans and their loved ones
As a targeted response to the impact COVID-19 had on employment, RFEA is offering a brand new programme, the EM3 Veterans and Families Programme
50+ Job Seekers Guide
Finding yourself searching for your first civilian position after a lifetime of military service is a challenge we recognise.
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