Environmental statement

What is the Forces Employment Charity’s commitment to the Environment, Sustainability and to Carbon Management?

We aim to provide industry led quality services while doing everything we can to keep our environmental impact to a minimum. Environmental and sustainability issues have long been documented, so it’s important to us that they are also embedded in the way we operate ensuring environmental sustainability is a priority. We are continually exploring and implementing ways to lower the carbon emissions generated by our output, but crucially without affecting its quality. This means tackling practical, day-to-day challenges and spreading sustainable values throughout the charity, with stakeholders and our supply chain.

Forces Employment Charity is committed to its compliance obligations as well as promoting high standards of environmental, sustainability, carbon, and energy management at all our workplaces, and in all our activities.

To achieve this, we will:

  • Continually evaluate environmental risks and opportunities with associated aspects and impacts
  • Plan and support the continued application of Environmental Compliance and Sustainability Strategies and evaluate performance
  • Ensure that all our sites and operations are managed in an environmentally sensitive way to minimise any negative impact on the environment
  • Ensure we meet all applicable compliance obligations with due consideration of the needs and expectations of interested parties
  • Provide adequate resources for planning, provision, and maintenance of environmental management plans
  • Constantly work towards improving environmental management at all levels

What are Forces Employment Charity objectives for the Environment, Sustainability and Carbon Management?

The charity set objectives and targets which are measured, monitored, and reviewed to enable continuous improvement in our environmental performance in order to:

  • Raise awareness and evaluate performance against the identified targets and actions
  • Continuously improve emergency planning and business continuity strategies
  • Identify risks and opportunities where we can make significant improvements in terms of our environmental performance, specifically reduction of resource efficiency, energy, water, life cycle and our own waste management.

How do we promote an Environmentally Sustainable and Carbon Neutral Culture?

At Forces Employment Charity we understand the importance of increasing our employees’ knowledge of climate change science and the environmental targets. Through bespoke workshops for teams and online training, we encourage them to share best practice in sustainable production and other green ways of working.

How do we comply with responsibilities for the Environment, Sustainability & Carbon?

Through systems and processes that are lean, efficient, effective, and fit for purpose and hassle free for our customers, employees, and suppliers, working towards continual improvement to ensure that:

  • All our people are responsible for ensuring high standards of environmental care.
  • We maintain and monitor the performance of an environmental policy. This provides clear advice, guidelines to protect or enhance the environment wherever possible.

While we are committed to setting a Net Zero target and establishing what our baseline carbon footprint is, we are also committed to reducing our wider environmental impact through reducing our energy use, waste creation and improving recycling and our travel footprint, Engagement, and consultation with a wide range of stakeholder’s help shape these policies and strategies. We welcomes suggestions from any interested party, members of the public and employees to improve performance.

The responsibility for the Environment, Sustainability and Carbon management lies with the Senior Management Team and Managers. This statement will remain under review to ensure its continuing relevance to the context of the organisation and undergo a formal review each year.


Last updated: 13 October 2022

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