Executive Programme

Employment support for veterans, spouses and partners interested in executive-level careers.

Our Executive programme supports executive-level talent from across the veteran community and works with those who seek the best job opportunities in the marketplace.

To do this, we engage with organisations that recognise that exceptional military skills transfer seamlessly to a wide variety of civilian sectors. If you have the drive and aspiration to secure a senior management role, our experience and expertise can help support you into a fulfilling, sustainable career.

The Executive programme provides personalised career support to veterans, spouses and partners interested in executive-level careers through our:

  • Executive jobs board
  • Bespoke career consultations
  • Industry networking opportunities
  • Training and workshops
  • Flagship events and webinars

Our events are open to all ranks, spouses and partners interested in executive-level careers.

Are you an employer looking to hire executive level talent?

The Executive Programme builds upon the employment expertise that the OA harnessed over 100 years, broadening and augmenting its support by building closer relationships with military-friendly employers.

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"Just wanted to say thank you again for the mindset shift earlier in the year. I have since been promoted into a Head of Airline Ops role with a team of 60 responsible for the live operation of up to 160 aircraft and associated customer welfare. A great challenge and back to feeling excited about work. Thank you."
Sarah - Army
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