Veterans Support Programme

At the Forces Employment Charity, we understand that finding long-term, sustainable, employment can be one of the hardest parts of adjusting to civilian life.

That is why we provide life-long support to help you find the career that works best for you. We also support with career progression, so if your current job is not the best fit for you, we can help you find your next role.

The Veterans Support Programme provides veterans with helpful career advice and job opportunities from employers who understand the true value of ex-military recruitment. Our employment Advisors are regionally based, which allows them to provide a more personal support experience, including a unique understanding of the local job market. In addition to this, all our Advisors are mental health first aid trained and experienced in all things military.

All veterans are paired with an Advisor who will be their point of contact throughout their career journey. Our Advisors have invaluable employment and career advice, alongside a unique network of contacts and organisations that value the wealth of skills and experience that veterans have.

In partnership with:

Support could include:

  • Advice on career pathways
  • Training opportunities
  • CV and cover letter support
  • Advice on interview techniques
  • Current job trends
  • Expert industry knowledge
  • Mental health guidance
Our Cause
"I wasn't getting much help from the job centre and this had started affecting my confidence. Kevin was pivotal in giving me self belief, confidence and the ability to recognise what skills and qualities I had to offer."
Mark, Royal Navy
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