Op NOVA partner referral form

This form is for use by any statutory or non-statutory organisation

Op NOVA is only for veterans of HM Armed Forces who have been or are in contact with the justice system in England, and who reside in England.

Please complete if you want to make a referral to initiate contact and seek appropriate support and advice from the Forces Employment Charity.

What happens next

We will contact the person who has been referred for an initial discussion within two working days of receiving the referral. If you need any further information, please call the Op NOVA Support team on 0800 917 7299.

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Part One: Referrer contact details

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Part Two: Details of the veteran you are making a referral for.

Please note:

If you are making a referral on behalf of someone else, please make every effort to obtain their consent prior to completing this form. If you feel there is a risk to themselves or others, consent to refer is not required. Please state below if the person is a risk to themselves or others 

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Part Three: Consent to refer

About your personal information
How we will process your request
The Forces Employment Charity is committed to protecting the privacy and security of your personal information and ensuring that all personal data is processed in accordance with UK data protection legislation.

The information provided in this referral form will be used to determine how the Forces Employment Charity can best support the individual. By ticking the box below and submitting the referrals form, you consent to the referral being made and the information provided within this form being shared with the Forces Employment Charity to facilitate access to support.

You may be asked to provide additional information to support in the needs assessment of the individual. 

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