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Forces Employment Charity: The Podcast – Education on the move | Episode 3 – Part II
We continue the conversation with Kelly Wales, Families Education and Skills Liaison, as we delve deeper into the importance of raising awareness about the needs and challenges of young people in colleges and universities.
Forces Employment Charity: The Podcast – Education on the move | Episode 3 – Part I
Discover Ruby Taylor's extraordinary resilience as a military child. Join us in exploring her journey through 6 schools and the invaluable support of her advisor, Kelly Wales
Forces Employment Charity: The Podcast – The journey to self-employment | Episode 2
Explore how Hannah and Helen transitioned from military life to entrepreneurship, turning their side hustle into their main gig
Forces Employment Charity: The Podcast – Keeping motivated on the job hunt | Episode 1
Dive into the world of job hunting for veterans in our debut episode. Hear personal stories, resilience strategies, and expert advice from Alistair Halliday and Kevin Grist
Careers Sitrep – Mythbusting Modern Apprenticeships
Join Alistair Halliday and guests to learn how apprenticeships have changed and why they're such a great opportunity for Service leavers and veterans
Careers Sitrep featuring seasonal work
Alternative Routes into Employment: _nology
Alternative Routes into Employment: Fieldcrafting
Introducing the EM3 Armed Forces Veterans and Families Programme
In this webinar we'll be talking about what the programme does, who it is for and how we provide support
Careers Sitrep featuring the renewables industry
Careers Sitrep featuring military spouse employment
Careers Sitrep featuring the fire service
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