Op NOVA, delivered by the Forces Employment Charity and commissioned by NHS England, provides support for veterans who are in contact with the justice system, enabling them to access the services they need.

The shift into non-military life can bring challenges that can lead to veterans feeling detached and in between military and civilian worlds. The reality for many is that this can potentially lead to housing problems, debt, health issues, PTSD, or drug and alcohol misuse. Which can in turn lead to some veterans being at risk of offending.

Op NOVA’s specialist team is drawn from those who have served in the Armed Forces, as well as partners, children and parents of those who serve or have served. Other members of the team have worked in the police, probation, prisons or charity sector. Our team is trained in Information Advice and Guidance, Level 4, and Mental Health First Aid.

Care After Combat is our subcontractor, linking with veterans in prison so that they can be supported across the crisis point of prison release.

We are able to identify and engage with veterans because we understand their unique circumstances.

Op NOVA works across all needs and delivers practical and emotional support. We work to engage veterans in healthcare including registration with GPs and, for those with mental health needs, referrals into the NHS’s specialist veterans mental health provision – Op COURAGE.

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Our pathway of support uses expert knowledge of the military charity sector and an understanding of provisions provided by regional organisations to create a shared action plan with each veteran. We work to secure housing and employment. Our overall aim is to enable veterans to live stable lives so they can reduce reoffending.

We undertake a needs assessment for each individual and put in place specialist support from our network of military charities and other organisations. We keep in regular touch with veterans, assessing the impact of our work using outcome stars when support commences then again in three months.

Since 2014, we have worked with over 5,000 veterans. 81% of the veterans we work with state that their mental health and wellbeing has improved since working with us. 73% of veterans said they had improved their relationships with their friends and family, with 79% stating they had improved their anger management.

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"I felt so lost and like everything was down to me and that got me down, I felt like I had nowhere to turn. The support I received made a big difference to me and my family, it has definitely helped us through some rough patches."
Rachel, Army
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