Quality statement

The Forces Employment Charity is committed to developing, delivering, and improving services that meet the needs of our clients in accordance with our Charity Objectives.

To achieve this, it will operate a Quality Management System (QMS) designed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management Standard. The Quality Policy of the Forces Employment Charity is designed to deliver and uphold commitment as outlined below:

The Management is committed to:

  1. Developing and improving the Quality Management System.
  2. Continually improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  3. The enhancement of client satisfaction.

The Management has a continuing commitment to:

  1. To meet the employment needs and give satisfaction to all our clients, other stakeholders and interested parties;  meeting and exceeding their expectations whenever possible.
  2. All processes and policies used by the Forces Employment Charity to effectively deliver employment services are determined, resourced appropriately, documented, monitored, and measured to ensure conformance to (a) client requirements, (b) quality objectives, and (c) any applicable regulations, legislation and codes of practice.
  3. Provide all the resources of equipment, trained and competent staff, and any other requirements to meet these objectives.
  4. Ensure that all employees are made aware of their obligations in respect of this Quality Policy.
  5. Reduce hazards, and prevention of injury, ill health, and pollution.
  6. Maintain a Quality Management System that will achieve these objectives and seek continual improvement in the effectiveness and performance of our management system based on risk.
  7. This Quality Policy provides a framework for setting, monitoring, reviewing, and achieving our objectives, programmes, and targets.

The structure of the Quality Management System is defined in this Quality Manual.

All personnel understand the requirements of this Quality Policy and abide by the contents of the Quality Manual.

The Organisation constantly monitors its quality performance and implements improvements when appropriate.

This Quality Policy is regularly reviewed to ensure its continuing suitability. This policy applies to all employees of the Forces Employment Charity.

Alistair Halliday

Chief Executive

The Forces Employment Charity

Date: January 2023

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