Specialist Employment Advice

Through our broad and unrivalled range of programmes, the Forces Employment Charity offers tailored advice specific to each individual client we support.

We’ve been operating for over 137 years, constantly reviewing the job market and looking for new opportunities to access and support different groups of ex-Forces personnel.

Part of this bespoke delivery is our team of Specialist Employment Consultants who deliver tailored advice to those who may be experiencing challenges including debt, housing-related issues or physical or mental health requirements.

Key for our Specialist Employment Consultants is working out the most important outcome for each individual and then creating a tailored programme designed to achieve this goal.

Whether that be part-time employment, full-time employment, volunteering, work placements, education or another bespoke ambition.

If you feel you need the support of a Specialist Employment Consultant, contact us or register with us today.

Our Specialist Employment Consultants support those in this position by:

  • assessing each clients’ needs on an individual basis
  • making appropriate referrals to other military charities or other organisations for wider needs, including local activities, or peer mentoring
  • providing vocational diagnostics and advice to develop an Action Plan, often developed using our online employability tools and our understanding of the local employment market
  • identifying and subsequently engaging with training and Adult Education providers to identify opportunities that meet clients’ goals and requirements
  • supporting applications for additional grants if necessary
  • developing confidence
  • supporting the writing of CVs and preparing for the job application process and interview
  • providing job search advice and job-brokerage using Regional Employment Bulletins, knowledge of the local employment market and RightJob
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"I didn’t know what I wanted to do and that can be quite daunting, but my Consultant made me realise that doing something is better than doing nothing. Thanks to her guidance and support, I gained qualifications that led to my current job helping people with their mental health issues."
Lance, Army
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