TechVets provides a bridge for veterans, Service leavers, reservists, and their families into information technology careers. In doing so, TechVets builds on the strengths of the Forces community to support the UK’s digital economy.

The Forces community is full of individuals with vast experience, in-demand skills, and diverse backgrounds that naturally places them as ideal candidates for employment within the tech sector. TechVets ensures that our Forces community members can combine their military experience and transferable skills with new and leading digital skills, ultimately leading to sustainable careers in technology.

As a Forces Employment Charity programme, TechVets provides a seamless transition for our Forces community to secure gainful employment in tech, while supporting the UK government’s strategic intent to grow cyber and tech skills to support national security.


If you are a company that wants to work with TechVets to…

  • employ incredible talent
  • provide training and education to our members
  • support the funding of our programme

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Through TechVets our members gain access to:


  • An amazing online community with thousands of members, including hundreds of veterans with experience in the tech world. This enables our members direct engagement with industry professionals who can provide accurate, trustworthy advice and guidance as they embark on a challenging career change.
  • Nearly £30,000 of leading training ALL FREE. This training helps members upskill in IT Support, Project Management, Digital Marketing & eCommerce, Data, Networking, Cyber, Low-Code Automation, and Programming.
  • Incredible employment support that includes a CV Review Service from veterans experienced in hiring tech candidates; a CV Distribution Service that ensures their CV is sent out to more than 190 companies across the UK, and direct access to employers to provide great career opportunities This support resulted in more than 17 members a month gaining IT roles during 2022, with a mean average salary of over £50k.
Our cause
"Forces Employment Charity has been a solid rock for me ever since I contacted them. They recommended me to TechVets which has helped me greatly as I get access to unlimited labs and resources."
Daniel, Army
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