We support veterans who are arrested or at risk of arrest

Veterans who are arrested or are at risk of arrest often fall into offending behaviour because they are finding it difficult to cope. Unemployment, relationship issues and mental health are all underlying causes of arrest.

Veterans in the justice system can be unwilling to talk about their time in the military. This can be due to uncertainty of how their service will be perceived, feelings of shame concerning their offence, as well as a culture of not sharing information that comes from the military. Our experience shows that the number of veterans in the justice system are higher than official estimates.

Veterans often feel that the support provided for those in contact with the police, on probation, or in prison is not for them and does not reflect their experiences. Serving military personnel live very different and often very separate lives from the civilian population and their life experiences are unique.

Veterans have different offending profiles to the civilian population with an over-representation of violent crimes.

The support we provide includes:
  • Liaising with the police and the NHS
  • Assistance to access housing, including veteran specific support
  • Access to employment related training grants and education from military charities
  • Facilitating access to specialist mental and physical health services through NHS Op COURAGE
soldiers from C Squadron Light Dragoons on exercise in Poland.

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We have a series of programmes that address the challenges veterans can face and provide emotional and practical support to ex-Forces personnel who may be vulnerable, socially isolated, or need support to live or maintain a law-abiding life.

These programmes support veterans who have entered police custody, as well as those that have self-referred, or been referred by specialist police teams or other statutory organisations.

We work closely with the police, His Majesty’s Prison and Probation Service, the NHS and a range of other services to ensure that we understand every angle of the complex issue surrounding those that have offended.

Our justice system programmes are supported by our team of expert Advisors, many of whom also served and all of whom have mental health first aid training.

When veterans talk to our team, they are talking to individuals who can relate and give them the strength to make the changes needed to bridge the gap between military and civilian life.

Contact us today to talk to our team about your specific circumstances.

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Paul, Army
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