Forward Trust

The Forces Employment Charity stands by ex-Forces personnel as they transition into civilian life and employment.

This shift into non-military living can bring challenges that can lead to veterans feeling detached and in between military and civilian worlds. The reality for many is that this can potentially then lead to housing problems, debt, health issues, or drug and alcohol misuse. Which can in turn lead to some veterans being at risk of offending.

Forward Trust is delivered in Essex, Bedfordshire, Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Sussex and Surrey. This programme assigns a probation officer to veterans under control of probation. With a strong focus on personal wellbeing, Forward Trust creates a support group that encourages open discussion and positive outlooks that will ultimately lead to building a law-abiding life.

The personnel wellbeing programme undertaken as part of this partnership has been incredibly successful.

  • 81% of veterans stating that their mental health and wellbeing has improved since working with us.
  • 73% of veterans finding they had improved their relationships with friends and community.
  • 79% of veterans stating they had improved their anger management.

The veterans taking part in this programme often undertake community benefit projects linked to the military and local community.

For example, many groups have given back to the local community by cleaning the headstones of WW1 and WW2 veterans before conducting genealogy research and discovering more about them.

This activity is undertaken as a group and is a great example of how Forward Trust aims to create a supportive network of individuals that have shared experiences.

Our Forward Trust team, many of whom also served and all of whom have mental health first aid training, are committed to working with veterans who have offended to give them someone to talk to. Someone who understands.

This shared history creates opportunities to feel less isolated and identifies choices other than re-offending. It’s easier to believe there is an alternative route when you are part of a group of individuals all looking for a different path together.

"Your support has been fantastic. I am receiving exceptional support at the right frequency and with positivity. I salute your work."
Mark, RAF
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