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Despite a medical discharge and numerous surgeries and physical rehabilitation work, Ron Routledge successfully transitioned from a career in the REME to working as a Cyber Security consultant. There are many different roles within the cyber security and tech industry that veterans can retrain for, you don’t have to consider yourself ‘techie’ to succeed, as Ron explains.

After a 14-year career in the British Army’s Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineering branch specialising as a weapon systems engineer and armorer Ron’s career was cut short by medical discharge. His many years of experience were entirely focused on mechanical engineering, and so when his back injury forced him to leave the British Army everything he knew in terms of career progression had to change.

During his recovery and rehabilitation time, Ron explored multiple avenues in the search for a new career, being technically minded he kept revisiting the Cyber sector. As a growing industry, Cyber was becoming more popular and people around him kept suggesting it as a feasible career for Ron. Ron accessed free resources in order to learn as much as he could about  Cybersecurity and IT, this is where his journey to become a Coda Security consultant began.

Once Ron found TechVets the flood doors of opportunity opened for him. TechVets’ wealth of knowledge supported Ron in his newfound career and provided a network of different people from different areas and fields to connect with and help answer any questions that he had. This assistance allowed Ron to decide which cyber field would fit him best; whether it was a type of defensive or offensive role, information security, auditing, or even management.

TechVets proved an incredibly valuable resource that paved the way for Ron to flourish in the Cyber industry. Ron realised that the technical and hands-on style of Cyber was what interested him the most, especially hacking, and finding vulnerabilities. From his past career in engineering, Ron felt that his strength lay in being able to break things down in his mind to see all the moving parts and how they work together, he uses this same concept in his offensive Cyber role.

As Ron explains, even people from non-technical backgrounds can make it in the Cyber industry, especially with the incredible tools TechVets has to offer. Ron accessed TechVets courses to complete his  QSTM course and CompTIA PenTest+ which allowed him to build out his CV. With a CV full of industry-recognised certificates he was able to quickly qualify as a check team member. By accessing TechVets courses Ron was able to save two and a half thousand pounds. ‘These are things that I would not have had if it had not been for TechVets, they’ve been massive enablers for me getting into cyber’, Ron shares.

A key piece of advice that Ron would like to offer someone thinking of leaving the services is to try and plan everything. “Plan where you might live, where the jobs might be located, and what opportunities are around the area. Completing an online course can also set you up with a skill set that may help you in the Cyber field”.

With the help of TechVets’ immense knowledge, the network of people throughout the Cyber industry, and training and job opportunities even non-technical people can find value in their offering and a career in Cyber.

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