Introducing our newest Diversity and Equality Champion, Leanne

I recently had the honour of taking over from Alex Lines-Scrase as the LGBTQ plus Diversity and Equality Champion for RFEA. Rich Jones, who is also the Diversity Champion within RFEA, and I have been working closely with our Senior management team to offer a supportive and inclusive environment within RFEA.

My name is Leanne Bonner and I have been working for RFEA for four years as Regional Employment Advisor covering the East and North of Scotland.

I have previous experience of working within the supported employment sector for ten years and I can say ten years ago plus I was in the position of worrying whether to disclose my sexuality to previous employers, fearing I would be judged. But thankfully time has moved on and we have all seen a change for the positive with people’s views and for me, RFEA has been the most supportive employer within my four years of working with them. I can say that there are many employers that are focused on providing a diverse and inclusive working environment where the individual regardless of sexuality feels appreciated and supported. I have always been a great supporter of the LGBTQ plus community as this is something that is very personal to me and close to my heart and I hope to provide a supportive environment for people to feel that they can be open and discuss their views in a safe place,

At RFEA we will be celebrating many key dates within the LGBTQ plus calendar, we want to continually develop an inclusive working environment where everyone feels equal and appreciated.

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