Careers in Energy: meet Ingrid Rolland

Next month will see our Careers in Energy 2024 event in motion and registrations are still open to join us on 28 February to explore a career in this sector! Read Ingrid Rolland’s story of when she joined Centrica on 25 September as an Offshore Operations Supervisor, as a result of attending a Forces Employment Charity (FEC) event last year.

Where did you hear about Centrica and what attracted you to the company?

I attended a FEC event sponsored by Centrica that was focussed on supporting women across defence who were looking for new roles. The initial presentation given by Chris O’Shea outlined not only the company’s ambitious net zero targets but also highlighted its ethos, values and support networks. I recognised a number of positive parallels between the company and defence and immediately felt that Centrica was a company that I would like to be a part of. I also attended the Centrica Sustainability workshop, which outlined the future of the 47/3B offshore gas storage platform and the plans for transitioning to hydrogen storage. I found the prospect of working offshore to be really exciting and it felt like exactly the right job for me.

Describe your current role with Centrica

I am training to be an Offshore Operations Supervisor and from February, I will be working on the two weeks on, three off shift system on the platform. Travel to the platform is by helicopter and accommodation is in 2-person rooms. I will be overseeing the Operations Technicians who ensure that the day-to-day running of the operation is carried out safely and in line with our business standards. Since I started, I have been fully supported in both attending numerous courses to gain mandatory industry standard qualifications and also with on-the-job training at the onshore gas processing terminal to gain operational experience.

How easy is it to balance your ongoing Reservist commitments with your new role at Centrica?

My new employers have been supportive allowing me to be able to attend all Army Reserve training that I have needed to do. The process to record my time out of work is simple, and days are taken as paid leave. I feel that my service is valued by the company and is proactively facilitated by my line manager.

What advice would you give someone from the Armed Forces community who is interested in exploring careers at Centrica?

The breadth of roles across the Centrica Group is vast and there will be something here for everyone. The Ex-Forces Pathway is a great initiative that actively engages with defence as there is a genuine interest from within the company to harness the skills and experience of military personnel and to offer them a valued career. I have found the transition to my new role to be exceptionally rewarding, feeling welcome from day one, and I have no regrets about the move. Additionally, I have been able to participate wider than my core role (eg taking part in the volunteering initiative, utilising the health and fitness wellbeing facilities and supporting a STEM activity for local primary schools).

If you are interested in a career in the energy industry, I absolutely recommend Centrica to you.

Careers in Energy

Everyone from the Armed Forces community can attend Careers in Energy – Service leavers, reservists, veterans and military family members. Register online today!

We are excited to be delivering this event in partnership with Jacobs and welcoming Centrica as our Gold employer.

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