The Forces Employment Charity attended No.10 Downing Street

The Forces Employment Charity, among other military charities, were invited to No.10 Downing Street on Monday 27 November, to join the Rt Hon Johnny Mercer, the Minister of State for Veterans’ Affairs of the UK, and Mrs Murty, the Prime Minister’s wife. The day brought everyone together to say thank you to the charities who have done so much to support veterans over this last Remembrance period.

Johnny Mercer added as part of his speech* to those present:

“I am always incredibly proud of the veteran community and how they get the balance right. The way they remember the families who are obviously not with us anymore. I know it means a hell of a lot to those families and a huge thank you to you for that as well. Your commitment to this nation is unmatched. The sacrifice that really those of us who haven’t been injured or bereaved by conflicts will never really understand the scale of that sacrifice and we want to do events like this to try and get over to you the Prime Minister’s gratitude and the nation’s gratitude for everything you’ve done over the years.”

Forces Employment Charity Chief Executive, Alistair Halliday reflected through his post on LinkedIn:

“It was very special being at No.10 for this event celebrating military charities and truly amazing to be among some inspiring veterans we have supported and who are now in fabulous roles with great employers. It really is wonderful to celebrate the military talent from all parts of the military community.”


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*Source: X/Twitter

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