Supporting military children: Month of the Military Child 2024

New findings reveal that one in six military spouses and partners worry about the impact Service life will have on their children[1].

The Month of the Military Child is a time to recognise Service children for their resilience and adaptability. There are nearly 124,500 military children in the UK[2]. Sometimes, these individuals may experience various barriers to employment due to Service life. Over a fifth (22%) of Service families in the past year have moved for Service reasons. Aside from living a mobile lifestyle, common challenges faced by Service children include education gaps and separation from familiar and social networks.

In response to these findings, the Forces Employment Charity is expanding its support for military children with the Young People pilot programme. The programme targets young adults aged 16-24, with at least one parent who has served in the Armed Forces. It helps individuals prepare to take their first steps onto the career ladder. It features many free resources, including one-to-one support, guides, and mentorship. Since the pilot began, we have engaged with 30 schools and colleges, and our Families Programme advisors have supported 660 clients[3].

How we can help military children?

The team at the Forces Employment Charity knows military life inside out. Many of our staff come from military families themselves. We understand the importance of helping young people access education and employment. Our advisors and mentors are here to listen and champion your employability! We can work with you to write or improve your CV, build your personal brand, connect you with partner employers, and much more.

Our National Employment Projects Manager, Kate Mai, has commented,

“The Dandelion is symbolic of military children. They can take root and flourish practically anywhere. They are adaptable and resilient and can thrive in all kinds of circumstances with the proper nurturing, understanding, and support.”

“Research has heightened the awareness and empathy expressed towards Service families, especially regarding the challenges military children face. As part of the pilot, we work with schools, colleges, universities, parents, charities, trusted partners, and stakeholders to meet the needs of young people from our Armed Forces community.”

“We can help you explain your unique circumstances to educators. We can help you convert your experiences into confidence through coaching and mentorship, ensuring you can articulate your needs and aspirations as you progress in life. We are with you at every step of the way!”

Kelly Wales, our Families Education and Skills Liaison, has added,

“As a spouse of someone currently serving in the Armed Forces and a parent, I understand first-hand the challenges of living in a military household. As a community, Forces families face a unique set of circumstances that often aren’t well understood by those outside it.”

“For some, issues like frequent house moves and a lack of nearby close networks can harm schooling. In turn, without the right support, this can have a significantly detrimental impact on longer-term career development.”

“As members of the dedicated Families team at the Forces Employment Charity, we are passionate about ensuring everyone in the military community receives the support they need to succeed with their chosen career goals.”

“The Month of the Military Child is the perfect time to highlight the support available, and we encourage anyone from a Forces background to contact us and find out more about how we can help.”

Ruby is a student and military child, supported by the Forces Employment Charity.

Talking about her experiences with the charity, she says, “The Forces Employment Charity understands what I’ve been through. They’ve motivated me to try new things that benefit my future.”

When discussing the challenges of being a military child, Ruby stated her “education has been impacted. For example, I can’t go to some universities that I would like to, because where I’ve moved to, school only offers a certain amount of qualifications, and sometimes those qualifications aren’t right for the uni I want to go to. The charity has been really useful in helping me figure out the ways to get to where I want to be.”

About the Forces Employment Charity

The Forces Employment Charity provides life-long, life-changing support, job opportunities, and training to Service leavers, veterans, reservists, and their families – regardless of circumstances, rank, length of service, or reason for leaving.

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[1] Research undertaken by OnePoll on behalf of the Forces Employment Charity between 8th to 22nd November 2023
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