Project Nova: a changing of the guard

Since October 2014, the Forces Employment Charity and Walking With The Wounded have worked together to deliver Project Nova, an initiative which provides wounded, injured and sick and other vulnerable former armed service personnel who have been arrested or are at risk of arrest, support with the intention of preventing reoffending.

We are hugely proud of what we pioneered together, supporting 6,032 clients and employing 35 specialist staff working with 22 police services around the UK.

We are entering a new phase as Walking With The Wounded steps back from Project Nova, recognising that Project Nova is a complex programme which requires the single and robust leadership of the Forces Employment Charity. Walking With The Wounded is proud to have been there at the inception, and as we jointly built the foundations with the Forces Employment Charity. WWTW looks forward to watching the future with the Forces Employment Charity as the sole operator.

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