Month of the Military Child 2023

This year we’re marking Month of the Military Child with a brand new set of resources, to help young people from military families with their next career step.

The EM3 Veterans and Families team is here to help young people from military families who face ever-changing situations, frequent moves, education gaps, separation from social networks and parents. From military families themselves the team understands the importance of supporting young people (16 – 24 years old).

Through extra education, training and expanding the pool of employment choices through one-to-one support, young people are supported to plan a clearer future.

Resources created for Month of the Military Child will be tailored to help those with little to no work experience or those who have been out of work for a while. The resources will include:

  • How to write a CV
  • How to write a cover letter
  • How and where to look for jobs
  • How to manage your first interview

We will also be doing a social media takeover including insights from people, staff and public figures, who grew up in Military families, talking about their experiences, how the experience shaped their careers and any advice they have for those from a similar background.

Joanne McLeod, EM3 Armed Forces and Families Programme Manager at Forces Employment Charity, says:

“As a Military spouse, I understand the unique challenges that affect Forces families. From frequent house moves, to needing to fit in and make friends quickly, there can be a lot to manage. This can be particularly challenging for service children, who are moving schools, skipping parts of the curriculum and leaving behind their social networks. However, living in such unique circumstances also equips the Military community with an incredible skill set that can set them apart from other job seekers.

Our role at the Forces Employment Charity is to help people recognise those skills and find the best possible way to present themselves to employers, to maximise their chances of success. This is especially important for those just starting out, such as Military young people and for Early Service Leavers. I am delighted that we are able to offer a new and specialist set of resources to support this group in celebration of the Month of the Military Child.”


Come back next week for the first downloadable resource for Month of the Military Child, ‘How To Write a CV’, with tips and tricks from our specialist Advisors!

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