Lunchtime Learning webinars: registrations are now open!

Due to popular demand, we are delighted to present the fourth series of Lunchtime Learning webinars, themed: ‘Planning my Job Search – Where do I start?’ and registrations are now open! 

Hosted by our Senior Executive Career Consultant, Lisa Jones, this not-to-be-missed series will run throughout June and July 2024 and are suitable for all ranks and Service backgrounds. Families are welcome also so if you are looking to change career, this webinar series will cover the following: 

  • An up-to-date market overview of current and future opportunities 
  • How to pitch yourself in the jobs market using your unique selling point 
  • The importance of personal development in an ever-changing world

Whilst it is recommended to attend the full series, each webinar is standalone. Click on each themed heading to find out more information and to register your place!

Tuesday 18 June

A market overview – where we are seeing opportunity 

Lisa will provide you with an up-to-date job market overview, identifying current trends, areas of growth and areas of opportunity, and will provide an understanding of the skills currently needed in industry. We will review the employment landscape to help job seekers understand where they might fit and what employers are looking for. 

Tuesday 25 June 

Pitching yourself at the right level – how do I translate my skills and experience 

Helping you to pitch yourself correctly when applying and interviewing for roles, will help you understand how to translate your military experience into language that employers will understand which will also be relevant to family members. We will provide guidance around entry points, typical hierarchy, and managerial responsibilities within business, as well as guidance on salary negotiations and negotiating pay rises and promotions. 

Tuesday 2 July  

Identifying my USP – who am I?

Helping you to target the market, understand and identify your own USP and how to use it in your CV and at interviews. This webinar will allow you to focus on understanding your own strengths and most importantly, articulating them successfully. Particularly useful if you are or have served as well as being a military family member starting or changing your career path. 

Tuesday 9 July 

The importance of personal development – upskilling and utilising resources 

This last session stresses the importance of continuous personal development in a fast-changing market where employers are looking for new skills and capabilities from their workforce. We will focus on personal development and why this is so important throughout your career – from when you start looking for your first job, to 15 or more years into your career. We will also look at common leadership qualifications and memberships and their pros/cons. 


Conveniently scheduled during the lunch break from 13:00 – 13:30 you can have a sandwich whilst listening to the webinar! With a condensed format lasting only 30 mins, we have brought together a body of experts to provide you with the latest jobs market knowledge. 

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