From the Army to Kearney Global Management Consultancy

I loved my time in the Army. I loved the people, I loved the job, and I loved the sense of purpose. But once I began doubting the overall output and direction of the organisation, I questioned whether it was something I wanted to dedicate my life to. I surveyed the years ahead, and saw the long, slow career progression stretching out into the far distance… And for what? Old for my rank owing to a career before the military, I reached an inflection point: it was time for a change.

But a change in what direction? There followed six months or so of fairly intensive reflection and pestering friends of friends for coffee chats, until I settled on management consulting. This resulted from doing a couple of practice case studies at an insight day – and enjoying them. When I was put in touch with an ex-Guardsman at Kearney Middle East, it seemed like the golden ticket: management consulting at a top global firm, in a fascinating, low-tax part of the world, with a heavy defence focus. It ticked every box for me and after nearly eight years in the Army, I took the plunge.

Just over six months later in September 2022, I found myself representing Kearney at an insight event co-hosted by the Forces Employment Charity at the Cavalry and Guards Club in London. The aim: to extend that same “golden ticket” to UK Armed Forces veterans for a role with Kearney’s MEA Aerospace, Defence, and Security practice, based in Dubai.

About Kearney

Kearney is a top global management consulting firm of 3,600 people, based in 40 countries around the world. We serve more than three-quarters of the Fortune Global 500 with curiosity, boldness, generosity, solidarity, passion, and genuine commitment to client success. In the middle east we operate a unique collaborative model that links consultant and project teams to full-time security and defence advisors, with a broader global network of subject matter experts providing insights from leading countries. We work with all the major GCC defence players as their trusted advisers, across the defence and security spectrum from strategy and policy through operations to enablers.

What we offer

We are hoping to recruit individuals into consulting roles at the Senior Analyst/ Associate level, and offer an attractive package: first, a pivot into a prestigious and intellectually stimulating career as a management consultant with a top global firm; second, the opportunity to continue to work in the defence industry and apply the knowledge and experience gained in the military, whilst developing a new set of skills; and third, the chance to live in a fun, buzzing, and low-tax part of the world that is undergoing a regional transformation unprecedented in its scope and ambition.

Would you like to know more?

If you are currently serving with or have recently left the Forces, have a track record of professional and academic excellence, and are interested in applying for a role with Kearney Middle East, keep an eye on our Executive jobs board for the latest opportunities.


And stay tuned for future events.

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