Forces Employment Charity supports global consultancy to develop military talent pipeline

In July 2022, Kearney approached the Forces Employment Charity’s Executive Services team. They wanted consultative advice and support to develop a military talent pipeline for their global management consulting firm. Adam Wellesley-Wood, Manager at Kearney writes:

When challenged to focus on recruiting more veterans, there was only one logical place to talk to – the Forces Employment Charity. Their brand, database of talent and marketing access sets them above the rest. 

Our recommendation was to run two bespoke recruitment events. One event would be suitable for those seeking Senior Analyst/Associate level roles within Kearney’s MEA Aerospace, Defence, and Security practice, based in Dubai. The second would be for senior executives seeking opportunities in Defence Advisory roles within the practice.

The Executive Services team worked with Kearney to design, plan, market and, in September 2022, run the two events. This included a pre-sift of the attendees to ensure their suitability for the roles. Adam spoke about the process after, stating:

The Forces Employment Charity was integral throughout the process and a fantastic partner organisation: I highly recommend them. They supported us with wise counsel and advice and delivered to challenging deadlines, which ensured the success of the event.

Kearney flew in many of their team to attend both events. Kearney partners and AD&S practice leads Raffi Boladian and Chady Daccache presented, and a team of ex-military Kearney consultants gave an overview of the practice, roles and why military veterans make such good candidates.

Held at The Cavalry and Guards Club, 82 delegates attended across both evenings. The feedback from attendees was positive, with many commenting on how useful and insightful the event was and the great opportunity it offered for potential candidates to meet and speak directly with members of the team.

Attendees submitted their CVs in advance, and we can report that Kearney has so far hired six candidates from the 30 candidates taken forward for further case coaching and interview. In total, they received 110 applicants.

Both senior partners have confirmed that they would like to run this event annually in partnership with Forces Employment Charity Executive Services.  Together we will develop a long-term strategic partnership to raise their profile among the Armed Forces community and sustain their military talent pipeline.

The Executive Services team was a pleasure to work with and understood us as an organisation and what we wanted to achieve. I look forward to a long-term strategic partnership on the back of this success. – Adam Wellesley-Wood

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