Careers in professional services: meet Sarah Eble

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in the professional services sector within one of the Big 4? September sees the Forces Employment Charity (FEC) hold one of its flagship events, Careers in Professional Services at PwC’s offices on the London Embankment on Wednesday 27 September 2023. We spoke to Sarah Eble to find out what it’s like to work for PwC as a military spouse.

Sarah is a manager within the personal tax compliance team and is responsible for preparing tax returns for high-net-worth individuals and trusts. She also provides tax advice for her clients on all matters of personal tax for individuals living in the UK and offshore.

Sarah, tell us about your background

I began my career in tax after leaving university. I then left work to raise my daughters and held a variety of roles while following my husband around the UK and Europe. I was a bursar, a PA, I trained as a teacher and worked in the charitable sector among other things.

What made you consider a career in professional services and why PwC?

After trying a number of different roles I decided to go back to what I was familiar with. I started back with a smaller firm and re-took my professional qualifications to refresh my learning and ensure I was relevant. Because I had started out with one of the Big 4 I knew that was where I enjoyed working so when PwC approached me I jumped at the opportunity.

I liked what PwC stood for. A couple of my oldest friends who work for large solicitors firms said that they were a good firm to work with which helped me decide to work for them.

How do you feel your skills from the Armed Forces community converted across to your role?

As a military spouse I have learnt to be flexible, independent, resilient, organised and think on my feet. I have met a lot of people and had to walk into many rooms where I knew no one and start a conversation. All of these things have taught me skills that are essential to the work I do today.

What are the personal positives to your role and working for your employer?

PwC has a very supportive community. Their working hours are flexible, allowing you to fit your work and home life together, but in a sensible way. The work is challenging and there are always new opportunities if you want to take them.

Did you come across any challenges?

I found my self-imposed imposter syndrome was a challenge at the beginning but with time I have realised that all experience is valuable.

What tips would you share with anyone considering a role within the Big 4?

There are plenty of roles available so do some research and see which ones suit your strengths and experience. Reach out and talk to people within the organisation. Don’t close a door on yourself.

There are skills you will have learned, as part of the Armed Forces community that are invaluable and can be applied to so many different roles. Don’t sell yourself short.

Find more information on the Careers in Professional Services event on 27 September 2023. 

Please note: This event is currently over-subscribed and a waiting list is in operation.

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