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If you’ve not already provided us with your proof of service, please can you email us including either:

  • a photograph or photocopy of your red book/certificate of service,
  • a photograph or photocopy of your CDT/Admin Discharge paperwork,
  • a photograph or photocopy of your service ID card/veterans ID card,
  • copies of your service pension or discharge paperwork,
  • a copy of your Reserves annual reporting letter (along with photo ID showing the same address as shown on the letter),
  • copies of your military education or other military paperwork, or
  • an email from a military charity or support centre who has conducted a successful service history check.

If you don’t have copies of your military records you can apply for them on the website.

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soldiers from C Squadron Light Dragoons on exercise in Poland.

If you have any problems submitting your proof of service or if you don’t hear from us within three working days please email [email protected] or call 0121 262 3058.

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