Pathways into Financial Services: meet Claudine Martin

Find out how Claudine Martin successfully set up her civvy street career in financial services with BNY Mellon after 17 years in the British Army. If Claudine’s journey inspires you, find out how a career in the financial services sector could work for you by registering to attend our Pathways into Financial Services event on 4 June in London!

In Claudine’s current role, she is the Executive Assistant to the Head of Pershing EMEA and also the Business Manager for the department. Think of her as a right-hand person and strategist rolled into one. She provides the head with comprehensive administrative support, ensuring their schedule runs smoothly and that they have everything they need to be successful.

The Forces Employment Charity spoke to Claudine to find out more about her experience.

What made you consider a career in this sector?

My decision to transition from the military stemmed from a desire to leverage my strong organisational skills in a fast-paced business environment. The opportunity to combine these skills with strategic thinking and contribute to the growth of a department greatly appealed to me. Having thrived in the structured environment of the Armed Forces, I was eager to test my abilities in a dynamic civilian setting, where I could continue to develop professionally.

Why choose BNY Mellon?

I chose BNY Mellon because of their fantastic culture and commitment to employee development. When I left the Armed Forces, I was concerned about not having a strong sense of community like what we have in the military. At BNY Mellon, I am fortunate to experience a genuine sense of belonging. The supportive and collaborative environment, which includes our Veteran Network, allows me to feel part of a team working towards shared goals. This sense of belonging has been instrumental in my successful integration and overall job satisfaction.

How do you feel your skills from the Armed Forces community converted across to your role?

Adaptability and problem-solving are equally valuable in the military and civilian sectors. My experience thinking on my feet, and finding creative solutions to challenges in the military, allows me to approach complex situations at BNY Mellon with a sense of calm and initiative.

What are your personal positives to your role?

Working in a dynamic organisation where there are opportunities to grow and learn every day is rewarding and fulfilling. In addition, I feel that my skills are transferable to the role and that my work and efforts are appreciated by my manager.

Any challenges – and how did you overcome them? (If any)

Transitioning from the military can be challenging. To navigate this process effectively, I adopted a proactive approach by actively attending industry insight days. Inevitably, some job applications were unsuccessful and at times I felt disappointed. However, I viewed these rejections as learning opportunities. Additionally, I secured an internship at a global investment bank. The internship allowed me to further develop my financial services acumen and strengthen my understanding of the industry. Ultimately my resilience and adaptability helped me secure my ideal role at BNY Mellon.

What tips would you share with anyone considering a role in financial services?

  • Network actively – attend industry events, connect with professionals on LinkedIn, and don’t be afraid to reach out
  • Be Persistent – the job search can be competitive. Don’t be put off by initial rejections. View them as learning opportunities and keep refining your CV and interview skills

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