Everything you need to know about employment support grants

As part of our service to ex-Forces, we are the lead employment partner for the Royal British Legion (RBL). The Forces Employment Charity supports anyone who has served for a day in the UK Armed Forces, regardless of rank, duration of service or reason for leaving, and can help with your application for an RBL employment support grant.

The Forces Employment Charity does not provide financial support.

What is an employment support grant?

An employment support grant is available to ex-serving personnel and their families who are unemployed or under-employed. This can be used to fund vocational courses and pay for work-related tools.

How much is an employment support grant?

The amount of funding is considered on a case-by-case scenario; however, you must provide solid proof that the funding will lead to sustainable employment or improve your career. This would need to be evidenced by a potential letter of employment, or a supporting statement from an industry expert.

How do you apply for an employment support grant?

To begin your application for an employment support grant you must register with the Forces Employment Charity. Once you are registered you will be assigned a Regional Employment Consultant who you can discuss your application with. Your consultant will ask why you want the grant, what you will use it for, and assess whether it is a suitable option for you.

After your consultant has triaged your application request, they will ask for additional information to send away with your application.

This information will be:

  • Two personalised competitive quotes which clearly state the cost of what you will be using the grant money for. Course leaflets and website links to course information/equipment are not acceptable.
  • Research of identified jobs with qualification requirements. This is to show that there are jobs available in the field that you want to train in that are accessible to you.
  • Information on any other grants you may have received recently.
  • Your current CV.
  • A personal statement with any further information to support your request. This should be a few lines that demonstrates what employment you have had in the past, how this employment support grant will give you a greater skill set, and what potential opportunities will come from this grant.

After you have sent all this information to your Employment Consultant, they will write a supporting statement confirming why the employment support grant should be considered. This supporting statement, along with the information that you have provided, will be sent to RBL for review. This review can take some time, so don’t be concerned if you don’t get a quick response. An RBL caseworker will call to discuss your grant application so please be aware that they may call from a withheld number.

Life after you’ve received your employment support grant

Even after you have been approved for your employment support grant you will still have contact with your Forces Employment Consultant. Your consultant will be there to provide employment support and guidance whenever you need them throughout your career.

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